Sunday, May 13, 2012

EDITORIAL: The left's war on rednecks - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: The left's war on rednecks - Washington Times

In my experience people who are "political", that is very interested in and very focused on politics, are some of the most obnoxious intolerant people you'll meet.  It doesn't seem to matter whether they are "left" or "right" they are assholes when it comes to their ideological stances on various political issues.  Quite often, the concept that they may have a fact skewed or lack a certain point of view will never occur to them.  Or even worse, they will often deny that someone else with a different ideological viewpoint may have a legitimate point.  I have had the experience of pointing to gold standard incontrovertible evidence that the person's point of view is wrong and still watched them deny that their position may require even a bit more consideration.  It is a common practice amongst the politically oriented to make every effort to silence their ideological opponents.  Failing that, they will do everything they can to discredit those with whom they disagree.  It seems that civilization has not progressed so far that we will allow that other people may have a different point of view and different opinion without asserting they are evil.

In part, I agree with the Washington Times editorial linked above. Some of the people on the left, particular those who call themselves "progressives" are intensely bigoted against working class white people.  This is clear if you just think about it a bit.  If a white guy in a suit made the sort of stereotypical remarks about working class blacks that are made about working class whites, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be calling for firings and public apologies.  Likely they would get both along with a public outcry.  Bigotry and stereotyping directed toward low income whites is no different than bigotry and stereotyping toward low income ethnic minorities other than the fact it is commonly tolerated and engaged in by urbanites of all ethnic backgrounds.  The implied assumption seen in this bigotry is that rural working class whites are incapable of having opinions based on reason, and that we are irreparably deficient.  

There are plenty of issues in low income rural communities that drive me a up a wall and they ought to be talked about.  We ought to be talking about and stamping out racism where it exists, though it isn't anywhere as prevalent as some progressives hope it to be.  We ought to be talking about how women and children are treated in rural communities.  We ought to be talking about how corporate America is not the friend of the rural communities and nor are their cronies in the political classes, both Democrat and Republican.  In the rural community I grew up in, the arts and humanities are not very well supported and intellectual pursuits for some purpose other than getting a better paying job is considered an absurd idea.  This anti-intellectualism needs to be discussed and addressed. 

These problems won't be addressed in a productive fashion as long as the people who have control over policy and the financial resources continue remain closed off to what rural people are saying.  These issues need to be considered from the context of the people who are living with the social, economic and cultural situations found in rural communities.  Rural education won't be able to deal with its problems by applying urban solutions that come from looking at urban schools.  Rural social problems won't be corrected with solutions designed for urban places.  Rural people won't to listen to urban policy makers and urban pundits if those professionals are mocking rural culture and rural values.  Rural culture and rural values are, in many cases, the only thing keeping rural communities from completely disintegrating.  

If the people in the urban east and west really want to be "progressive" what they will do is set aside their assumptions and listen.  Stop assuming that we are a bunch of inbred morons who abduct paddling enthusiasts off of rivers for purposes of sodomy because our gap toothed sisters aren't putting out.  Come into the communities, open your eyes and ears. Then shut your mouth for a bit.  You might learn something.